Liz Hartman

for LOSD School Board

LO Review March 11

Lake Oswego School District is an exceptional organization. After a full year in pandemic mode, the staff continues to address every new challenge.

The School Board gives direction to the Superintendent on behalf of the citizens who elected them. As a board, they are the “boss” of the Superintendent. As individuals, they are contributors that work as a unit.

School board members measure the pulse of the community, parents, students and staff. They give direction for today and plan for the future. They listen to feedback, read research, follow the law, write and review policies and always keep in mind that their duty is to students.

LOSD is one of the finest school districts in Oregon. The Board has always recognized that preparing students who will live into the 22nd century means that being the best in Oregon isn’t enough. The Board recognizes that if there are students in a public education system whose needs are not being met, those needs must be met.

LOSD has studied, evaluated and made plans to address unmet student needs. The public hears a lot about these efforts because the District is focusing attention in the areas of special education, mental health, and diversity, equity, inclusion and action all while delivering the exceptional Lake Oswego education our citizens expect.

The coming months will see more change due to the pandemic. Health and safety for students and staff are always a top priority. The District is planning for full-time return to school in the fall. There are parents asking whether a remote option will continue. These are important decisions that impact the delivery of education and the future of the District. I ask for your vote to continue as a board member with an eye on excellence for a Lake Oswego education.

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