Liz Hartman

for LOSD School Board

Endorse. Post on social media. Vote.

I will not be taking donations for my campaign.

  • I would appreciate your endorsement:
  • I would appreciate an email to your Lake Oswego friends, family, neighbors and associates letting them know that:
  • Voter registration ends April 27
  • Ballots are mailed on April 28
  • Ballots must arrive at Clackamas County elections by May 18 – election day – by 8 pm (ballot boxes are at Lake Oswego City Hall)
  • I would appreciate a social media post: “I’m supporting Liz Hartman for Position 4 on the Lake Oswego School Board”

The Lake Oswego School District will likely be going out for a bond to rebuild Lake Oswego Junior High and River Grove Elementary as well as continuing to maintain the District’s building and facilities. This bond campaign will take money:

  • to help educate Lake Oswego voters about building needs
  • to encourage voters to vote

You will see more about the bond campaign later this year. Please stay informed, give your school members your input, and as always, help support the students of our community.